Facebook and Google Logins

This site hit a major milestone tonight, with the ability to log in via Facebook and Google. This is a huge boost for both convenience and security.

If you're like me, you hate having to remember dozens of user names and passwords. They either wind up on sticky notes in your desk drawer, or if you're an alpha-geek, in a password management application on your phone. Allowing you to use an existing login makes your life a lot easier.

There's a surprise security bonus too. If you create your account via Facebook or Google, the account that gets created on this site is special. It has a random garbage password assigned. Nobody knows it. You can set it to something if you want, but there's no good reason why you should. So even if somebody gets their hands on the user file, the password they can recover is useless for anyplace but this site.

Avoiding the Borg

Right now there's no good way to create a user account without using Google or Facebook credentials. The good news is that you probably have an account on one of those services. The standard user registration system for this wiki is very easy to subvert. In the past I have left registration open to see what would happen. A finer collection of ads for boner pills and knockoff fashions you will not find. Until I can fit up a suitable anti-spam mechanism, that restriction stays in place. That means waiting for me to install software, or joining my campaign to have spammers classified as nuisance animals, so that anybody with a valid hunting license is allowed to shoot spammers with no season.