Fellow Lunatics Wanted

I am looking for a fellow lunatic to help turn this site into something useful to the general gaming public. If you have a vision for what a gaming site should be, and you're willing to help with ideas and time, I'd like to hear from you. You don't need impressive technical skills. Most of what needs doing just needs willing hands and the ability to learn simple things on the fly.

What I Bring To the Table

  • Coding ability. I've been a software developer since 1996. If it needs to be coded up, I don't have a problem doing it.
  • Server space and management. I've been running servers for even longer than I've been a code monkey. Totally good here too, although I'm always down for learning new and exciting tricks.

What I'm Missing

  • Design skills. If the design for the site is left to me, well, plain and white will be it.
  • User interaction design. I can do something basic and workable, but I've worked with good UX people before, and I know the difference between “gets the job done” and “makes the job easier and more intuitive”
  • Marketing. I am terrible about marketing a product or service. What I don't know about marketing will fill libraries.
  • Training material. I'd love for this site to have a lot of easy to follow tutorials about how to use its features. I can produce training materials, but good, engaging tutorials are a different thing.