The Move has finally been replaced! The old software was hard to maintain and dragged the server down. Over the holidays it locked the server up tight. So what had been a prototype is now live. Read on to see how to get one of the new and improved sites.


The new site is based on wiki software, but with special customizations to make RPG campaign management easier:

1. Different sections of the site for game world info, campaign blog, and characters.

2. Custom templates for each section give you the outline of the information to include, but still let you do your own things without locking you in.

3. Special GM only sections for planning adventures, tracking NPCs and organizations, and storing freeform information that players shouldn't see, but you need to record somewhere.

Best of all, this software is a lot faster and the data easier to maintain than the old software. That means the server won't feel like it's 1998 all over again, and there should be a lot fewer outages.

Your Sites

The data from the old sites was not moved over to the new sites. It's difficult to extract in a useful way, and the site was pretty dead.

The good news is that the new sites allow for a lot more customization.

1. First of all, you'll get a custom site, like, instead of a folder in the main site.

2. Custom CSS lets you change the look of the site to whatever you want.

3. The site by default works well on mobile devices. Crisp, responsive, and not squished between sidebars.

Get Your Own Site

Get a Game Site! by filling out a quick form. You'll receive an email with your new site name and login information as soon as I have processed the request.

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